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Top 10 breakfast options

Often, the breakfast gets boring if we continue to eat the same items over and over again. Here, we give you 10 easy-to-do, power-packed and low-cal options that continue to top the breakfast menu for the Indians.

Being low in calories, they will keep you active without feeling bloated leaving only enough space for a healthy lunch.

Sandwiches are a great way to eat raw vegetables in a tasty way. And if based on whole wheat bread, the sandwich becomes a concentrate of nutrients such as whole wheat are rich in fiber, vitamins B and E, selenium, iron, magnesium and zinc.

A German study published in The Journal of Diabetes Care, said the whole wheat bread prevents diabetes. The researchers found that eating is also for three consecutive days, improves insulin sensitivity in the body by eight percent.

whole wheat bread is low in fat and regulates the efficient functioning of almost all the enzymes in our body. You could add raw vegetables, boiled or baked chicken or even the remains of dried vegetables to it to improve their nutritional value.

2. Idlis
Just the thought of steaming, soft idlis would make anyone hungry. Health Benefits of idlis make them an ideal choice for breakfast. A rice and black gram, idlis are rich in carbohydrates and proteins, as well as being full of vitamins and minerals.

They are also low in calories, high in energy and are easily digestible. We may cooperate with any side dish such as idlis chutney, pickles or any remaining sauce as sambhar, Kurma.

Tip: The hardest part is making the batter idlis. So it's a good idea to prepare the batter over the weekend and use it when prompted during the week [the batter can be refrigerated for about four days].

Only a portion of oats meets 20 percent of the daily requirement of fiber in our body. Oats also provide us with as avenanthramides antioxidants that prevent the formation of blood clots and heart complications. The beta-glucans [carbohydrate] in oats enhance immunity, normalize blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and even prevent cancer.

The oatmeal gives energy to keep you active all day, but it will also fill up at lunchtime, or no more mindless nibbling between meals.

But one of the reasons that you will surely opt for this breakfast is the research published in the Vancouver Province. It is said that eating oatmeal results in clear, glowing skin, reduced acne breakouts and significant weight loss.

Eat cereals such as maize, rice, bran, soy or [among others] for breakfast is the easiest way to provide your body with nutrients than in one fell swoop. These grains are rich in carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and fiber.

They are low in fat but rich in minerals such as iron, magnesium, copper, phosphorus and zinc. The majority of breakfast cereals on the market today are fortified with nutrients such as folic acid, antioxidants and phytochemicals.

Researchers also strongly support the health to eat cereal for breakfast. The research conducted at the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA, found that breakfast cereals provide the highest levels of disease-fighting antioxidants compared to other food options.

Another Michigan State University, reports having cereal for breakfast helps to manage aid body mass index and also in effective weight loss. Not only that, a study published in the Daily Mail says that a bowl of breakfast cereal is as invigorating for the body as a health drink at high energy.

5. Milkshakes
Milk is a complete food in itself. Using the low-cal varieties of milk will make sure you collect all his benefits fewer calories. Milk is a rich source of calcium, protein, vitamins A and B, carbohydrates, zinc, phosphorus, potassium and riboflavin.

All of these nutrients that we guarantee the health of bones and teeth, glowing skin, clear vision and the proper functioning of nerves. Proteins [casein and whey] in milk are excellent for growth and development of our muscles.

Ayurveda recommends regular consumption of milk to reverse aging and its ill effects. An Australian study published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition, says that when you drink milk with low cal breakfast regularly, you feel fuller and eat less calories during the day. Fruit, when added to milk, multiply health gains [more fruit salad for the benefits of fruit].

6. FRANKIE / parathas
Chapattis [Indian bread] of wheat flour are healthy, nutritious and filling. They are rich in fiber and protein and low in fat and carbohydrates. You can make chapattis more nutritious by adding soybean meal / ragi / oats to wheat flour.

Buns are light and aid in weight maintenance. cooked vegetables are nutrition-packed and when combined with cakes make a complete meal that will keep you charged throughout the day.

Scrambbled eggs are easy to make and delicious to eat. Eggs are a rich source of protein and vitamins A, B and E. They also have plenty of calcium, potassium and essential minerals. All these nutrients do eggs scrambbled a complete meal that bestows many health benefits.

Regular consumption of eggs prevents cardiac complications, and regulates the nervous system and prevents cancer. Being rich in sulfur, eggs promote the growth of healthy hair and nails. Proteins [lutein and zeaxanthin] found in eggs protect our eyes from the harmful rays of the sun and even improve vision.

According to a University of Connecticut, USA, to eat eggs for breakfast study weight loss of AIDS. Keeping you satisfied longer, make sure you eat fewer calories throughout the day.

Fruits make the most delicious and best sources of vitamins, minerals, sugar, energy, carbohydrates, fiber and protein.

With a blend of fruits set, you can be sure of meeting most of the nutritional needs of your body for the day. Fruits in season are the natural way to provide essential nutrients required by the body during the special season.

The combination of seasonal fruit with some of those municipalities to make a complete meal every morning. Moreover, Ayurveda recommends eating fruit early in the day [to get the maximum benefit] fruit salad, making a perfect breakfast choice.

Take at least four different types of fruit, the more the better. Eat fresh. You can also add yogurt to fresh fruit to increase the ratio of calcium and make it more tasty and filling.

9. RAVA Upma
This simple dish will give you lots of protein, fiber, carbohydrates and vitamins of group B. Rava [semolina in English or Hindi suji] is rich in sodium and has zero cholesterol.

Some varieties of Rava available on the market are enriched with iron and folic acid, further contributing to the nutritional content of the feed. This is a nice plate of padding that will keep you satiated until lunch.

10. Ragi Porridge
Many can not find appetizing ragi, but a glance at his list of nutrients and you'll know why it is listed as one of the top 10 breakfast options.

miles Ragi or finger is extremely rich in calcium, iron and protein. A study Vithaldas Sir Thackersey College of Home Science in Mumbai ragi advised to eat regularly for breakfast. This is because ragi is extremely rich in iron [an essential but overlooked nutrient] than other breakfast options in India.

Ragi is low in fat and carbohydrates. It 'an ideal food for diabetics and maintains blood pressure, heart and liver complications, constipation, and asthma under control.

Ragi is also believed to have properties that could delay the aging process and promote longevity.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Walking: Healthy sport for beginners

Everyone strives for health and for a healthy life is a correct and

balanced diet is essential. But equally important is sufficiently much
movement. And for more and more people make a very gentle yet
effective Sports: The Walking.

New trend from overseas

Walking the sport originated in the U.S., where it has an incredibly large fan
base. Actually, the term "walking" means nothing other than "do" with the
Olympic sport, "walking" it can not be compared anyway. For the walking living
in contrast to go from very emphatic arm movements, and get by without the
familiar shaking of the hips when walking.

Gentle sport for young and old

The beauty of walking is its suitability for all weight classes. For both slender
people and people with obesity and absolute Sportmuffel can easily get into the
sport of walking. As long as one is still good on foot to become a no obstacles
in your way. But not only because of the low requirements Walking is
extremely popular with a slightly older semesters, but also because the walking
as opposed to jogging on the joints, ligaments, tendons and protects the spine
and therefore constitutes a healthy alternative to most endurance sports.

Health for the whole body

Walking improves circulation to the entire body and stimulates the metabolism.
The performance of the brain is increased by the improved blood circulation
and the heart is strengthened. The negative fats in the blood and the blood is
reduced from a total of liquid. The risk of suffering a heart attack can be
mitigated by regular walking and normalize blood pressure. For people with
hypertension (high blood pressure) or cardiovascular problems but it is
recommended strictly to discuss the plans before walking to a doctor.

Jogging, doing it right!

Most people who want to keep fit, just start with the jogging. Most of

them but they make it equally wrong. In a few steps to success.

For many people, jogging seems to be the right sport, but not everyone can do
it, as most begin at VERY LARGE. The following steps show you how it is right
for beginners.

1. Step:
They run 5 minutes and walk 3 minutes until you can no longer, about half an
hour but it should be.

Remember Tip: If you think that you can no longer even though they have not
reached the 30 minutes, stop and try again the next day.

2. Step
They run 10 minutes and walk for 3-5 minutes. This time, you would have
difficulty creating the half hour.

Tip: Again, the same as mentioned above, less is often more.

3. Step
They run 15 minutes and walk 5 minutes. Try, if you have sufficient time to time
run a full hour.

Result: Now you have enough stamina. Now you can safely manage
half an hour without a break. So it depends on you!

Health Tip: If you are a very hard not to drink, you should just sit, otherwise the
circuit goes into the basement.

Change in walking and the resulting benefits

Always the same distance to walk but is for your own performance, but

for people who only run for the fun, boring. Even with a little variety
you can keep the fun, while acting contrary to the one-sided burden to
train as well as other muscle groups and motor.

Perhaps the simplest kind of change it is simply time to run the other way
round. Nevertheless, this result, so simple, this variant may be,
entirely new visual impressions and physical burdens. In extreme cases,
this round will be even more strenuous than many are accustomed
to it otherwise.

Because many roads are steep at the sides and so a foot is more contaminated
than the other, since one slanting with it occurs, should themselves take
the time runners change sides into consideration. Rather than the right one
then runs left on the wayside. This helps to counteract the extremely
one-sided load and also provides for new images in the mental process
that arise while working out.

In order to train not only the same motor skills or muscle groups, you can also
round the faster or slower in each case run. We will train again at another time,
endurance and strength endurance learns and uses different engine,
so that the organism is a continuous change and stress.

Whoever is running only on flat stretches, should necessarily have time to
benefit from the effort of an uneven or no experience with large height
differences existing route. To complicate matters even further, can also, if it is
possible to be run over hill and dale. You will find that these differences are
enormous. For these reasons, it can be expected that one comes out of breath
much sooner than is usually the case during training. Thus, one should start is
best to choose a shorter distance to get used to it slowly.

In addition, the interval would still run a chance against the boredom and
routine, and thus demotivating when you run. Times faster, then slower from a
stop to sprint, long and short steps, jumps, sideways or even backward rotation
to incorporate different arm movements with everything we think of it, and is
the realm of possibility. So that not only provides for a change in the load,
different engines, or the feeling of running, but you can train at the same time
also the co-ordination.

These are obviously all just examples and suggestions that can be individually
adapted to their specific needs. The main thing is we have fun again and running.
The training of other muscles, motors, loads, or even the co-ordination, then all
will be used only for a change, either automatically or as a serious
Rundumtraining and must not be permanently in effect, strategically through.

Friday, October 16, 2009

The 10 best Vegetables and Fruits of summer

Although we can put you taste of global commerce every day, all sorts

of goods from every conceivable corner of the world in our shopping
cart, vegetables and fruits simply better when they have their season
pass and just days from harvest to consumption. The following 10 plant
products, you should set this summer in any case on their shopping list.

1. Arugula
This salad is a true classic and
has established itself as an
integral part of bistro salads.
Arugula is a great source of folic
acid, vitamin C and calcium.
Although the salad is rather mild
in flavor, slightly peppery taste of
larger leaves, sometimes they
are actually quite sharp. Consider
this when shopping. Arugula is
done best in a composition with olive salad, eggs, onions and salty cheese. The
typical taste of arugula is optimally placed with lemon juice or red wine heavy to

2. Avocados
Avocados have been regularly praised for their high content of unsaturated fatty
acids. They are also rich in potassium, folic acid and vitamins C and B6. In
addition, they contain notable amounts of thiamin, riboflavin, and magnesium.
The composition of these valuable ingredients make it an ideal complement for
avocados carrot salads, since they facilitate the absorption of carotene. When
you go shopping in the marketplace, make sure that the avocado has a smooth
and undamaged shell, yields slightly when gently pressed out.

3. Blueberries
Berries are low in calories and have little carbohydrate. Access therefore prefer
to blueberry (or bilberry), if you feel something sweet. Although they provide
little energy, they come along with a high content of antioxidants and provide
conducive Rifle irreplaceable help to fight free radicals that diseases such as
varicose veins, glaucoma, hemorrhoids, stomach ulcers and cancer. When
buying the fact that the berries have a dark color and are sold in a box in which
they are not crushed. Store in a cool, dry place. Wash the berries only if they are
to be immediately consumed. Since moisture encourages the fermentation
process in addition to the berries. Blueberries are a snack in between, but also
very good as a healthy complement in smoothies, protein drinks or salads.

4. Cucumbers
This refreshing representatives of the great pumpkin family provides our
organism not only with water and vitamin C, but also with silica, which in turn is
very important for our connective tissues and can greatly improve our skin's
appearance. Besides the known uses as an ingredient for salads and sandwiches,
they also can be made excellent soup boil.

5. Eggplant
Although most of the eggplant is known as a purple fruit that they exist in all
possible shades. Both all black, and with almost translucent white shell. Besides
the high amount of fiber also carry so-called phytonutrients in eggplant are
playing an important role in antioxidative processes. Although they look
outwardly intact, elderly eggplants have a bitter taste. In such a case, they can
salt the sliced fruit and water for 20 minutes to flush out the most bitter.
Eggplants make perfectly grilled foods or as a vegetarian as a basis for a healthy

6. Pepperoni
The hot peppers, not only ignite a roaring fire on your tongue, but also a real
firework in your immune system. Peppers have a heavy dose of capsaicin in
itself. A substance that can alleviate the symptom of an acute migraine and this
arthritis, inflammation, and, incredible but true, fights stomach. Peppers is also a
cancer-preventive and metabolic reputed stimulating effect. That they are also
rich in flavonoids and vitamin C should be mentioned here, although the
completeness sake, but falls, in principle, the consumption is not more
significant, since one of the hot peppers anyway can only take relatively small
doses. Anyway, as a spice and spicy element of a food additive are unbeatable
because of the hot peppers capsaicin.

7. Kohlrabi
This produces its form reminiscent of an oversized radish coal plant supplies our
body reliably with vitamin C and potassium. When you buy you should favor the
smaller specimens, as is often little more woodsy and slightly earthy taste.
Kohlrabi is in the kitchen a real all-experts alike. Roh, it fits excellent with salads
or as a relish mimics the perfect side dish. Cooked cabbage can be used readily
for casseroles. Hollowed out and stuffed with minced meat in the oven with
beans and low-fat cheese, he's even convinced Gem.semuffeln a reason to dig.

8. Mushrooms
Although in our area must be harvested almost year-round on mushrooms, it is
ripe in the summer, especially for chanterelles and porcini time. With an
extremely low sodium and fat, but rich in potassium, riboflavin and fiber,
mushrooms can spice up any dish in its nutritional balance belonging to pitch
without a significant amount of calories. Mushrooms keep longest when they are
wrapped in paper in the refrigerator. Cleaned with a damp cloth, they may like
kohlrabi, both raw and cooked, baked or even grilled served.

9. Shallots
Of all the representatives of the onion family, leeks and shallots are by far the
highest content of antioxidants. In addition, they also have an anti-bacterial,
anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic property. Therefore, they are also certified to
reduce the risk of various cancers (eg liver and colon cancer) to. If you want to
consider shallots in their daily diet, take it easy substitute onions.

10. Zucchini
Zucchini are real heavy-duty in terms of vitamins and minerals. In its cargo are
vitamin C, fiber, magnesium, vitamin A, potassium, folic acid, phosphoric acid,
omega-3 acids, protein and many B vitamins in abundance. Upgraded the
N.hrstoffwundert.te with a significant proportion of copper and manganese,
which are important for a healthy nervous system. Are you looking for when
shopping for zucchini that are similar in shape of a cucumber and have a smooth,
thick skin. You can choose between green and yellow varieties, which differ in
their nutritional values, but not essential. For an unforgettable pleasure, you can
cut the zucchini in half and drizzle with oil. Following are pleased to salt and
pepper and then put in the oven for 20-25 minutes at 150-180 degrees.

Avocado -fruit of the Aztecs

The avocado is not only a good source of potassium and folic acid, it

also contains unsaturated fatty acids important for the body. So they
should be, despite their high calorie and fat content found on any diet.

Open Avocado
The evergreen up to 20m high avocado
tree belongs to the family Lauraceae. It is
native to Central America but is now
cultivated in South Africa, Israel and

The pear-shaped fruit has a dark green
rind. The core is surrounded by a yellow,
buttery flesh. The shell and the core of
the avocado are inedible. The flesh can be
easily found with a spoon from the bowl,

if you cut the avocado in half and remove the core.

Avocados are ripe when the skin yields slightly to pressure. However, they can
also be purchased immature as they ripen. This works best if the avocado is
wrapped in newspaper. It matures within two or three days at room
temperature. Avocados should not be stored below 6 . C, otherwise they would

Avocados can consist of up to 30% from fat. Accordingly, the calorie content
for afruit with flesh 200kcal/100g very high. But this fact should not deter you
from eating the avocado, since it is in large part to the fat for polyunsaturated
fatty acids which the body needs for many important functions. In addition,
the avocado is rich in potassium and vitamin B5.

In the kitchen, the avocado is very versatile. The avocado is a major part of the
Mexican guacamole. Traditionally, the guacamole from avocado, tomato, salt,
pepper and cooked. It is important to always add a splash of lemon
or lime juice, because the guacamole is otherwise unsightly brown.
The dip may be too many tacos or enjoy as a spread.
But even in a salad, soup or dessert when the avocado is a healthy indulgence.

Very healthy and very simple -self-made yogurt

As one of the favorite products of the yogurt is a power snack that can

not only varied in the kitchen to find his efforts, but for a healthy
increase in the daily diet of the whole family makes a valuable

Rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, and B vitamins, potassium and protein,
all this makes the milk product to an easily digestible and beneficial food. If we
make it yourself, then here come the advantages of freshness and also
adds the knowledge that you know exactly what's inside.

This really can make their own yogurt, you need as a basis for a liter of
pasteurized milk with a fat content of 3.5% fat. This should be heated in a
saucepan to just under 90 degrees and then cooled for about ten minutes. For
the first starter we need also a cup of yogurt with 150g whole milk yogurt from
the supermarket. This yogurt is stirred just below the milk, which should have at
this time a residual heat of around 45 degrees.

This mixture is filled then rinsed and dried in jars, which should be well sealed.
The maturity of the yoghurt starts as follows: The filled jars will be on a baking
sheet and cover it with a thick towel. You should have the oven preheated to
above 50 degrees. The temperature is reached, then one is out of the oven
and baking sheet inside. There, the yogurt jars should then ripe for eight hours,
which is offering the best overnight because you can therefore enjoy equal its
fresh yogurt for breakfast. In order for the bacterial culture can be spread
evenly, it is recommended that this aging period, the glasses do not move.

Thus, the yogurt can then get a certain strength, it should be stored in the
refrigerator. If you want to make new yoghurt then again, you take away from
the home-made 150g again and repeats the process. Especially delicious
is also in this yogurt granola with fresh fruit or with a dollop of jam
(for example, also self-made),
as well as the basis of a fine salad dressings or dips.