Saturday, October 17, 2009

Walking: Healthy sport for beginners

Everyone strives for health and for a healthy life is a correct and

balanced diet is essential. But equally important is sufficiently much
movement. And for more and more people make a very gentle yet
effective Sports: The Walking.

New trend from overseas

Walking the sport originated in the U.S., where it has an incredibly large fan
base. Actually, the term "walking" means nothing other than "do" with the
Olympic sport, "walking" it can not be compared anyway. For the walking living
in contrast to go from very emphatic arm movements, and get by without the
familiar shaking of the hips when walking.

Gentle sport for young and old

The beauty of walking is its suitability for all weight classes. For both slender
people and people with obesity and absolute Sportmuffel can easily get into the
sport of walking. As long as one is still good on foot to become a no obstacles
in your way. But not only because of the low requirements Walking is
extremely popular with a slightly older semesters, but also because the walking
as opposed to jogging on the joints, ligaments, tendons and protects the spine
and therefore constitutes a healthy alternative to most endurance sports.

Health for the whole body

Walking improves circulation to the entire body and stimulates the metabolism.
The performance of the brain is increased by the improved blood circulation
and the heart is strengthened. The negative fats in the blood and the blood is
reduced from a total of liquid. The risk of suffering a heart attack can be
mitigated by regular walking and normalize blood pressure. For people with
hypertension (high blood pressure) or cardiovascular problems but it is
recommended strictly to discuss the plans before walking to a doctor.

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