Thursday, October 15, 2009

How this is done with the gastric bypass and the slimming effect?

A diet after the other, fasting does not help much, as well as a change

in diet. Many people with obesity, obesity, are really trying to come
down from the morbid obesity and yet nothing seems to work. Here
then a gastric bypass can sometimes be a valuable support. What it is
and how it works, is said to be a bit more detail explained.

The graft comes from the English language and translates as diversion. Such a
redirection is performed under general anesthesia and requires an operating
period of one to two hours. Five small incisions are valued, and including a
mini-camera, then the stomach with the help of clip joints, also known as a
staple sutures reduced.

Through this reduction, the stomach is shrunk to about the size of a tennis ball,
or in other words, to 20ml, which means that just passes the stomach to the
brain, the message "I'm full." Eat a complete meal that is no longer possible. In
addition, you have a gastric bypass chew longer and better. A portion of sample
is about one piece of stew cubes, a small potato and a small portion of
vegetables. If you try to continue to eat, then pulls the unpleasant consequences
of vomiting after themselves.

Approximately two weeks after the surgery, a patient may first be made with
pureed food slowly returned to normal meals and try out what things he can
tolerate well and which not. Deficiencies regarding the lack of nutrients that can
be performed entirely, but must not generally the case. However, some patients
need to prevent the rest of her life with nutritional supplements lack. As a rule,
remain in a gastric bypass for the entire remaining life of the stomach should be,
one should check very carefully in advance and let the good pros and cons to
weigh. In addition, you should only opt for a bypass, if not carry diet, dietary
changes and an intensive sports program a long-term reduction in weight to

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