Saturday, October 17, 2009

Walking: Healthy sport for beginners

Everyone strives for health and for a healthy life is a correct and

balanced diet is essential. But equally important is sufficiently much
movement. And for more and more people make a very gentle yet
effective Sports: The Walking.

New trend from overseas

Walking the sport originated in the U.S., where it has an incredibly large fan
base. Actually, the term "walking" means nothing other than "do" with the
Olympic sport, "walking" it can not be compared anyway. For the walking living
in contrast to go from very emphatic arm movements, and get by without the
familiar shaking of the hips when walking.

Gentle sport for young and old

The beauty of walking is its suitability for all weight classes. For both slender
people and people with obesity and absolute Sportmuffel can easily get into the
sport of walking. As long as one is still good on foot to become a no obstacles
in your way. But not only because of the low requirements Walking is
extremely popular with a slightly older semesters, but also because the walking
as opposed to jogging on the joints, ligaments, tendons and protects the spine
and therefore constitutes a healthy alternative to most endurance sports.

Health for the whole body

Walking improves circulation to the entire body and stimulates the metabolism.
The performance of the brain is increased by the improved blood circulation
and the heart is strengthened. The negative fats in the blood and the blood is
reduced from a total of liquid. The risk of suffering a heart attack can be
mitigated by regular walking and normalize blood pressure. For people with
hypertension (high blood pressure) or cardiovascular problems but it is
recommended strictly to discuss the plans before walking to a doctor.

Jogging, doing it right!

Most people who want to keep fit, just start with the jogging. Most of

them but they make it equally wrong. In a few steps to success.

For many people, jogging seems to be the right sport, but not everyone can do
it, as most begin at VERY LARGE. The following steps show you how it is right
for beginners.

1. Step:
They run 5 minutes and walk 3 minutes until you can no longer, about half an
hour but it should be.

Remember Tip: If you think that you can no longer even though they have not
reached the 30 minutes, stop and try again the next day.

2. Step
They run 10 minutes and walk for 3-5 minutes. This time, you would have
difficulty creating the half hour.

Tip: Again, the same as mentioned above, less is often more.

3. Step
They run 15 minutes and walk 5 minutes. Try, if you have sufficient time to time
run a full hour.

Result: Now you have enough stamina. Now you can safely manage
half an hour without a break. So it depends on you!

Health Tip: If you are a very hard not to drink, you should just sit, otherwise the
circuit goes into the basement.

Change in walking and the resulting benefits

Always the same distance to walk but is for your own performance, but

for people who only run for the fun, boring. Even with a little variety
you can keep the fun, while acting contrary to the one-sided burden to
train as well as other muscle groups and motor.

Perhaps the simplest kind of change it is simply time to run the other way
round. Nevertheless, this result, so simple, this variant may be,
entirely new visual impressions and physical burdens. In extreme cases,
this round will be even more strenuous than many are accustomed
to it otherwise.

Because many roads are steep at the sides and so a foot is more contaminated
than the other, since one slanting with it occurs, should themselves take
the time runners change sides into consideration. Rather than the right one
then runs left on the wayside. This helps to counteract the extremely
one-sided load and also provides for new images in the mental process
that arise while working out.

In order to train not only the same motor skills or muscle groups, you can also
round the faster or slower in each case run. We will train again at another time,
endurance and strength endurance learns and uses different engine,
so that the organism is a continuous change and stress.

Whoever is running only on flat stretches, should necessarily have time to
benefit from the effort of an uneven or no experience with large height
differences existing route. To complicate matters even further, can also, if it is
possible to be run over hill and dale. You will find that these differences are
enormous. For these reasons, it can be expected that one comes out of breath
much sooner than is usually the case during training. Thus, one should start is
best to choose a shorter distance to get used to it slowly.

In addition, the interval would still run a chance against the boredom and
routine, and thus demotivating when you run. Times faster, then slower from a
stop to sprint, long and short steps, jumps, sideways or even backward rotation
to incorporate different arm movements with everything we think of it, and is
the realm of possibility. So that not only provides for a change in the load,
different engines, or the feeling of running, but you can train at the same time
also the co-ordination.

These are obviously all just examples and suggestions that can be individually
adapted to their specific needs. The main thing is we have fun again and running.
The training of other muscles, motors, loads, or even the co-ordination, then all
will be used only for a change, either automatically or as a serious
Rundumtraining and must not be permanently in effect, strategically through.

Friday, October 16, 2009

The 10 best Vegetables and Fruits of summer

Although we can put you taste of global commerce every day, all sorts

of goods from every conceivable corner of the world in our shopping
cart, vegetables and fruits simply better when they have their season
pass and just days from harvest to consumption. The following 10 plant
products, you should set this summer in any case on their shopping list.

1. Arugula
This salad is a true classic and
has established itself as an
integral part of bistro salads.
Arugula is a great source of folic
acid, vitamin C and calcium.
Although the salad is rather mild
in flavor, slightly peppery taste of
larger leaves, sometimes they
are actually quite sharp. Consider
this when shopping. Arugula is
done best in a composition with olive salad, eggs, onions and salty cheese. The
typical taste of arugula is optimally placed with lemon juice or red wine heavy to

2. Avocados
Avocados have been regularly praised for their high content of unsaturated fatty
acids. They are also rich in potassium, folic acid and vitamins C and B6. In
addition, they contain notable amounts of thiamin, riboflavin, and magnesium.
The composition of these valuable ingredients make it an ideal complement for
avocados carrot salads, since they facilitate the absorption of carotene. When
you go shopping in the marketplace, make sure that the avocado has a smooth
and undamaged shell, yields slightly when gently pressed out.

3. Blueberries
Berries are low in calories and have little carbohydrate. Access therefore prefer
to blueberry (or bilberry), if you feel something sweet. Although they provide
little energy, they come along with a high content of antioxidants and provide
conducive Rifle irreplaceable help to fight free radicals that diseases such as
varicose veins, glaucoma, hemorrhoids, stomach ulcers and cancer. When
buying the fact that the berries have a dark color and are sold in a box in which
they are not crushed. Store in a cool, dry place. Wash the berries only if they are
to be immediately consumed. Since moisture encourages the fermentation
process in addition to the berries. Blueberries are a snack in between, but also
very good as a healthy complement in smoothies, protein drinks or salads.

4. Cucumbers
This refreshing representatives of the great pumpkin family provides our
organism not only with water and vitamin C, but also with silica, which in turn is
very important for our connective tissues and can greatly improve our skin's
appearance. Besides the known uses as an ingredient for salads and sandwiches,
they also can be made excellent soup boil.

5. Eggplant
Although most of the eggplant is known as a purple fruit that they exist in all
possible shades. Both all black, and with almost translucent white shell. Besides
the high amount of fiber also carry so-called phytonutrients in eggplant are
playing an important role in antioxidative processes. Although they look
outwardly intact, elderly eggplants have a bitter taste. In such a case, they can
salt the sliced fruit and water for 20 minutes to flush out the most bitter.
Eggplants make perfectly grilled foods or as a vegetarian as a basis for a healthy

6. Pepperoni
The hot peppers, not only ignite a roaring fire on your tongue, but also a real
firework in your immune system. Peppers have a heavy dose of capsaicin in
itself. A substance that can alleviate the symptom of an acute migraine and this
arthritis, inflammation, and, incredible but true, fights stomach. Peppers is also a
cancer-preventive and metabolic reputed stimulating effect. That they are also
rich in flavonoids and vitamin C should be mentioned here, although the
completeness sake, but falls, in principle, the consumption is not more
significant, since one of the hot peppers anyway can only take relatively small
doses. Anyway, as a spice and spicy element of a food additive are unbeatable
because of the hot peppers capsaicin.

7. Kohlrabi
This produces its form reminiscent of an oversized radish coal plant supplies our
body reliably with vitamin C and potassium. When you buy you should favor the
smaller specimens, as is often little more woodsy and slightly earthy taste.
Kohlrabi is in the kitchen a real all-experts alike. Roh, it fits excellent with salads
or as a relish mimics the perfect side dish. Cooked cabbage can be used readily
for casseroles. Hollowed out and stuffed with minced meat in the oven with
beans and low-fat cheese, he's even convinced Gem.semuffeln a reason to dig.

8. Mushrooms
Although in our area must be harvested almost year-round on mushrooms, it is
ripe in the summer, especially for chanterelles and porcini time. With an
extremely low sodium and fat, but rich in potassium, riboflavin and fiber,
mushrooms can spice up any dish in its nutritional balance belonging to pitch
without a significant amount of calories. Mushrooms keep longest when they are
wrapped in paper in the refrigerator. Cleaned with a damp cloth, they may like
kohlrabi, both raw and cooked, baked or even grilled served.

9. Shallots
Of all the representatives of the onion family, leeks and shallots are by far the
highest content of antioxidants. In addition, they also have an anti-bacterial,
anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic property. Therefore, they are also certified to
reduce the risk of various cancers (eg liver and colon cancer) to. If you want to
consider shallots in their daily diet, take it easy substitute onions.

10. Zucchini
Zucchini are real heavy-duty in terms of vitamins and minerals. In its cargo are
vitamin C, fiber, magnesium, vitamin A, potassium, folic acid, phosphoric acid,
omega-3 acids, protein and many B vitamins in abundance. Upgraded the
N.hrstoffwundert.te with a significant proportion of copper and manganese,
which are important for a healthy nervous system. Are you looking for when
shopping for zucchini that are similar in shape of a cucumber and have a smooth,
thick skin. You can choose between green and yellow varieties, which differ in
their nutritional values, but not essential. For an unforgettable pleasure, you can
cut the zucchini in half and drizzle with oil. Following are pleased to salt and
pepper and then put in the oven for 20-25 minutes at 150-180 degrees.

Avocado -fruit of the Aztecs

The avocado is not only a good source of potassium and folic acid, it

also contains unsaturated fatty acids important for the body. So they
should be, despite their high calorie and fat content found on any diet.

Open Avocado
The evergreen up to 20m high avocado
tree belongs to the family Lauraceae. It is
native to Central America but is now
cultivated in South Africa, Israel and

The pear-shaped fruit has a dark green
rind. The core is surrounded by a yellow,
buttery flesh. The shell and the core of
the avocado are inedible. The flesh can be
easily found with a spoon from the bowl,

if you cut the avocado in half and remove the core.

Avocados are ripe when the skin yields slightly to pressure. However, they can
also be purchased immature as they ripen. This works best if the avocado is
wrapped in newspaper. It matures within two or three days at room
temperature. Avocados should not be stored below 6 . C, otherwise they would

Avocados can consist of up to 30% from fat. Accordingly, the calorie content
for afruit with flesh 200kcal/100g very high. But this fact should not deter you
from eating the avocado, since it is in large part to the fat for polyunsaturated
fatty acids which the body needs for many important functions. In addition,
the avocado is rich in potassium and vitamin B5.

In the kitchen, the avocado is very versatile. The avocado is a major part of the
Mexican guacamole. Traditionally, the guacamole from avocado, tomato, salt,
pepper and cooked. It is important to always add a splash of lemon
or lime juice, because the guacamole is otherwise unsightly brown.
The dip may be too many tacos or enjoy as a spread.
But even in a salad, soup or dessert when the avocado is a healthy indulgence.

Very healthy and very simple -self-made yogurt

As one of the favorite products of the yogurt is a power snack that can

not only varied in the kitchen to find his efforts, but for a healthy
increase in the daily diet of the whole family makes a valuable

Rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, and B vitamins, potassium and protein,
all this makes the milk product to an easily digestible and beneficial food. If we
make it yourself, then here come the advantages of freshness and also
adds the knowledge that you know exactly what's inside.

This really can make their own yogurt, you need as a basis for a liter of
pasteurized milk with a fat content of 3.5% fat. This should be heated in a
saucepan to just under 90 degrees and then cooled for about ten minutes. For
the first starter we need also a cup of yogurt with 150g whole milk yogurt from
the supermarket. This yogurt is stirred just below the milk, which should have at
this time a residual heat of around 45 degrees.

This mixture is filled then rinsed and dried in jars, which should be well sealed.
The maturity of the yoghurt starts as follows: The filled jars will be on a baking
sheet and cover it with a thick towel. You should have the oven preheated to
above 50 degrees. The temperature is reached, then one is out of the oven
and baking sheet inside. There, the yogurt jars should then ripe for eight hours,
which is offering the best overnight because you can therefore enjoy equal its
fresh yogurt for breakfast. In order for the bacterial culture can be spread
evenly, it is recommended that this aging period, the glasses do not move.

Thus, the yogurt can then get a certain strength, it should be stored in the
refrigerator. If you want to make new yoghurt then again, you take away from
the home-made 150g again and repeats the process. Especially delicious
is also in this yogurt granola with fresh fruit or with a dollop of jam
(for example, also self-made),
as well as the basis of a fine salad dressings or dips.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The mud bath -relaxation, health and fertility

For many children, it was once the largest swimming in the mud. Today

it is rarely practiced, however, used very selectively, however, the
natural mud bath for the prevention and treatment in adults. Thanks to
its valuable ingredients it brings in the people not just a relaxing break,
but also the regulation of different complaints and women with
infertility very often last the longed-for baby.

Especially with a unfulfilled desire for a child who can swim in the regular
moorland make this wish come true. While artificial insemination is the success
rate of around 25%, this rate can increase in a natural way with the mud bath
for up to 60%. Sounds incredible, but has been scientifically proven many times.

It is made possible "miracle" by the positive influence of the marshes on the
hormonal events in women. Favorable influences here are held on the hormone
levels of prolactin and estrogen, which have demonstrated for ovulation
elementary components in order to be able to get pregnant at all. In addition,
one effect of the warm mud bath heating process of the whole body, promotes
blood circulation and makes it possible to obtain a new relaxation. The latter is
made possible by the fact, because the mud bath surrounds the body and helps
them float so that no muscle power is needed.

Besides the positive effects on a child can be the mud bath, but also for back
pain, soothing to the intervertebral disc problems, arthritis or joint problems and
use effectively. To obtain relief, you should take over a period of approximately
three weeks at least three times per week from 39 to 42 degrees of hot mud
bath. This is offered for example in health resorts, but can also be performed in
his own bathtub, but here we can not quite achieve the effect, just as it is the
case in a sanatorium.

Easily can be seen in the mud bath that hide medically valuable potential in it.
These exploit a cures finally brings not only a lessening of numerous complaints,
but can also fix hormonal disturbances and thus pave the way for a baby's finally
free. An attempt is well worth, especially because a mud bath is an extremely
cost effective means that you are also as many times Ottonormal can afford.

Goodbye cellulite in three steps

The older you are, the more likely you are to develop a more or less
pronounced cellulite. One problem that many of the concerns of
Western women look in the mirror and think about the upcoming beach
vacation can be. Luckily, doctors, nutritionists and fitness trainers
have now develops a wide range of measures that can significantly
reduce the severity of cellulite.

Nevertheless, there are no so-called ultimate miracle solution. Cellulite is a
complex lesion, which demanded of the person concerned a lot of patience.
You need to grope, step by step along small intermediate to the really highly
visible improvements. If you get through, you will be very pleased, no doubt,
by the great changes and can wear again full of self-tight clothing.
The following three steps form the basis for this.

Step one: Lose Fat

There is a direct correlation between the amount of body fat and the severity of
their cellulite. Our skin gets its shape and resilience through a thin layer of tissue
that separates our fat cells from the outer epidermis. The more and the greater
our fat cells, the more they push a ladder this thin layer of tissue. These bumps
are ultimately leading to the skin surface to the orange peel. Moreover, can
settle in these depressions and waste products of metabolic processes. This can
occur in severe cases lead to Entz.ndugnen which could in turn enhance the
cellulite. A kaloriendreduzierte diet is therefore the first and most important step
in the fight against orange peel skin. However, it does not tilt to extreme
behavior. Even slim women with ideal body weight can develop cellulite. If you
are one of those ladies, and you should have to start a radical diet. You simply
better rethink their previous eating habits, you are there, where it is necessary
and makes sense.

Step Two: Are you exercising more

Regular training will help you not only the first step as much as possible to do, as
you burn more calories, but also streamlines your problem. If you tighten your
muscles, something that is streamlined and the dividing of tissue, thereby
reducing the dents in its depths. If the course design, it is important that you
combine cardio training with Kra.ftigungs.bungen and not just rely on a type of
training. A circuit training combined with a short and crisp interval training can
make in a few weeks for dramatic changes. The following sample workout is
intended to illustrate this approach:

1. Circular muscle: You Complete 5 rounds of 10 repeats:
# Squat
# Rumpfaufrichten
# Deadlift with gestrecken legs

2. Interval training on a treadmill
# 3 minutes slow pace
# 1 minutes Sprint
# 2 minutes at medium speed
# 1 minutes Sprint
# 2 minutes at medium speed
# 1 minutes Sprint
# 3 minutes slow pace

Step Three: Reduce the amount of alcohol and caffeine consumption

Alcohol and caffeine are toxic for your body dar. toxins that promote water
retention and can lead to collagen degradation and thus play into the hands of
cellulite exactly. The simple absence of these two substances can benefit from
making a significant difference to your skin.

The fight against cellulite with the right workout

Although cellulite is a skin disease that nine out of ten women aged over 30 have only a few stakeholders know the cause. And many women are unsure whether the unsightly orange peel skin once again be going on. For all those we have good news: you can reduce cellulite with an appropriate fitness program and a proper diet and feel much younger again a few years.

Cellulite occurs when the uppermost layer
of tissue that surrounds the fat cells
completely, is inflexible and rigid. The fat
cells then either sag or bulge out about
what makes the skin look lumpy and
curly. The problem increases when
feeding these women are relatively rich in
sodium. Extra-cellular water, sodium
stores, which can swell even more
cellulite. But this does not mean that you
should now radically restrict fluid intake.
Make sure only to the amount of sodium
that you take on the diet itself. Without
sodium water is stored in muscle cells, so you get a more streamlined look.
A high-fat diet can naturally also encourage cellulite.

One of the main causes of the so-called
orange skin is too little sport
The main cause of cellulite is a combination of too little sport and a too low
protein intake. Both lead to a weakening of the muscles and flabby skin.

A good muscle workout, that affected cellulite areas of the body such as
abdomen, hips, legs and buttocks specifically trained and a balanced diet that
provides about 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight are the key to
a firm and healthy looking skin.

The training program should ideally be constructed so that it initially designed to
provide maximum fat burning, and then focuses on the problem areas. Only
after that should the rest of the body are processed.

Sample Workout:

1. Part: 8-10 intervals on the treadmill for 60-90 seconds plus 60 seconds per
The first part of the workout boosts your metabolism permanently. In contrast to
the usual 30 minutes treadmill training in the so-called fat burning zone, interval
training is very intense, but ensures that you burn even more calories even
hours after exercise.

2. Part: Circuit training: as many reps as possible to 3-5 rounds of
-Plie Squat
-Good Mornings
-Hanging leg raises
In the second part of this workout, you can organize the training sequence as a
circle to continue to maximize the calories burned. The Circle aims mainly at the
lower and the typical cellulite zones.

In addition to adequate protein intake you should also pay attention despite the
current low carb trends in enough carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are stored as
glycogen in muscle cells with water. This not only your muscles recover more
quickly from the sports Belstung. They are also more tense and tighten the skin.
And from this streamlining, the unsightly cellulite lots are affected.

The procedure described is very effective if properly implemented and can lead
to highly visible improvements. Cellulite is a problem that can be energetically
tackle and fight and have suffered no shrugs.

How this is done with the gastric bypass and the slimming effect?

A diet after the other, fasting does not help much, as well as a change

in diet. Many people with obesity, obesity, are really trying to come
down from the morbid obesity and yet nothing seems to work. Here
then a gastric bypass can sometimes be a valuable support. What it is
and how it works, is said to be a bit more detail explained.

The graft comes from the English language and translates as diversion. Such a
redirection is performed under general anesthesia and requires an operating
period of one to two hours. Five small incisions are valued, and including a
mini-camera, then the stomach with the help of clip joints, also known as a
staple sutures reduced.

Through this reduction, the stomach is shrunk to about the size of a tennis ball,
or in other words, to 20ml, which means that just passes the stomach to the
brain, the message "I'm full." Eat a complete meal that is no longer possible. In
addition, you have a gastric bypass chew longer and better. A portion of sample
is about one piece of stew cubes, a small potato and a small portion of
vegetables. If you try to continue to eat, then pulls the unpleasant consequences
of vomiting after themselves.

Approximately two weeks after the surgery, a patient may first be made with
pureed food slowly returned to normal meals and try out what things he can
tolerate well and which not. Deficiencies regarding the lack of nutrients that can
be performed entirely, but must not generally the case. However, some patients
need to prevent the rest of her life with nutritional supplements lack. As a rule,
remain in a gastric bypass for the entire remaining life of the stomach should be,
one should check very carefully in advance and let the good pros and cons to
weigh. In addition, you should only opt for a bypass, if not carry diet, dietary
changes and an intensive sports program a long-term reduction in weight to

Tension and pain with the Alexander technique to alleviate

The Alexander Technique helps you to relearn the body and relieve the
physical symptoms. Named after the Australian actor Frederick
Matthias Alexander (1869-1955) was the method of body work
developed by the mime itself. Almost by accident, after a permanent
failure of his voice, he found out before the mirror, that he drew in the
air, his head bowed while reciting crushes the larynx. The spine
buckled when standing, which in turn has an adverse effect on the
chest. Since no doctor was able to help, he helped himself

Consistently the mime was working on his posture, and could both its
pronunciation as well as the attitude of the body, can improve. Encouraged by
the personal achievements, he developed according to according to today's
popular and effectively used the Alexander Technique. Even studies which
demonstrate the effectiveness, showing up already, that this method really
effective and thus is also effective. Especially when tension in the back,
shoulder and neck muscles and the resulting Restraining, and (head) pain,
this gentle method very well suited to remedy the situation. Even with
Parkinson's, the Alexander Technique can help the process of alleviating
movement disorders. By the way has been scientifically proven that.

Besides all the mentioned physical complaints, however, this technique
helps to reduce stress is attending, who is now known to cause chronic
tension and a tense posture. Also suitable is the Alexander Technique for
dancers and speakers, because in addition to improved coordination is
achieved especially when speaking in a quiet and easy breathing,
and conservation of the vocal cords.

In the end the so-called units, of which one needs typically 30 pieces
to get rid of the old movement patterns and learn good posture can be
practiced as well as perception exercises for different body positions usually
unconscious, like being pinched between the telephone shoulder and head,
to raise awareness. Certain formula, such as making "a long back," or
"loosen the shoulder area, and make much" help resolve tensions. A blessing,
if otherwise constantly when walking or sitting, shoulders moves upward.

Based on the uniform approach to the Alexander Technique, be resolved in
addition to the physical training especially mental tension due to stress,
which thus corresponds to a healthy circulation. Mentally and physically
strengthened, it will be mostly completed by the thirty lessons which are
offered in private lessons, notice a significant improvement in the existing
complaints. Thanks to the straight posture, is also the personal charisma
made quite differently from other people come true, especially as it naturally
without pain, much less uptight over the place running.

Using meditation to relax, enjoy more and live healthier

Meditating as a way to get yourself straight and to help their own

health on the jumps? In fact, lies in the apparent simple meditation that
it is not easy at all, a primal force with far-reaching consequences for
the perpetrator.

Today, the daily lives of most people from the hustle, stress and anxiety
is shaped. Is Already in the morning when rising from a lying groaning
in view of the day. Exactly this groan dissolves in the evening when
going to bed then into a deep sigh that indicates that again a day full of
stress has passed. Stand still, stop in a world that revolves constantly,
is announced only rarely because some one always wants what.
Stop! Do you recognize yourself and your life in these words?
Then you should start with a daily moment of silence at best equal,
to retrieve both the fun and enjoyment of life and protect especially
their health.

A daily Hamsterradlauf can cause disease in the long run real, such as
with permanently elevated blood pressure, circulation problems,
a limited-working immune system, or even the appearance of
psychosomatic symptoms. Meditating breaks this cycle and can be with
a little practice every practice. Hectic in the office or workplace, can be
with only five minutes break, actually slowed down. Screaming children,
the mountain of housework, care of the members is a meditation
not only a different perspective, but are more effective and peaceful
taken in hand.

Since man has almost been forgotten with himself and his ideas to be
alone, we need to start a lot of patience if you want to get with a new
form of meditation, relaxation and health prevention in their own lives.
It is recommendable to first few hours with an experienced meditation
teacher to take to learn the little intricacies of meditation and to get help
here to bring the idea to a halt. If you want to not do that, then you can
practice very quietly of course, one of the most important elements is
the Ungest.rtsein. Phone, mobile phones, doorbells, children, partners,
and even the cat, the dog should be sitting in meditation is not audible
and visible. The best thing here is a day to schedule an appointment
with yourself the peace that lasts only five to fifteen minutes, but gives
strength for many more hours a day.

Meditation cushions must be as little as well as meditative music,
but they facilitate both the sitting or kneeling as well as a shutdown and
tuning is the time to herself comfortable clothes here are also an
advantage, because a twinge and zwacken would only think about this
"draw problem". Pure Meditationsmantras must not be taken to help,
because even the constant repetition of a particular word, such as rest,
relaxation and serenity, this case achieve the same effect.
Breathe deeply and calmly, while inhalation "is a" think and exhaling
"from", already allows for only less than half a minute to be calm and
relaxed. They find it difficult to close the eyes, then you use the sight of
an open rose that you park in front of him and hold his eyes ".
Incidentally, there is not "the" single meditation technique, because
the man so different, so different are the discharges into the quiet world
of thoughtlessness. Are back again after the meditation with specific
words, ' "concludes the meditation gently and dismisses
one again in the world with all its joys, tensions and demands.