Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tension and pain with the Alexander technique to alleviate

The Alexander Technique helps you to relearn the body and relieve the
physical symptoms. Named after the Australian actor Frederick
Matthias Alexander (1869-1955) was the method of body work
developed by the mime itself. Almost by accident, after a permanent
failure of his voice, he found out before the mirror, that he drew in the
air, his head bowed while reciting crushes the larynx. The spine
buckled when standing, which in turn has an adverse effect on the
chest. Since no doctor was able to help, he helped himself

Consistently the mime was working on his posture, and could both its
pronunciation as well as the attitude of the body, can improve. Encouraged by
the personal achievements, he developed according to according to today's
popular and effectively used the Alexander Technique. Even studies which
demonstrate the effectiveness, showing up already, that this method really
effective and thus is also effective. Especially when tension in the back,
shoulder and neck muscles and the resulting Restraining, and (head) pain,
this gentle method very well suited to remedy the situation. Even with
Parkinson's, the Alexander Technique can help the process of alleviating
movement disorders. By the way has been scientifically proven that.

Besides all the mentioned physical complaints, however, this technique
helps to reduce stress is attending, who is now known to cause chronic
tension and a tense posture. Also suitable is the Alexander Technique for
dancers and speakers, because in addition to improved coordination is
achieved especially when speaking in a quiet and easy breathing,
and conservation of the vocal cords.

In the end the so-called units, of which one needs typically 30 pieces
to get rid of the old movement patterns and learn good posture can be
practiced as well as perception exercises for different body positions usually
unconscious, like being pinched between the telephone shoulder and head,
to raise awareness. Certain formula, such as making "a long back," or
"loosen the shoulder area, and make much" help resolve tensions. A blessing,
if otherwise constantly when walking or sitting, shoulders moves upward.

Based on the uniform approach to the Alexander Technique, be resolved in
addition to the physical training especially mental tension due to stress,
which thus corresponds to a healthy circulation. Mentally and physically
strengthened, it will be mostly completed by the thirty lessons which are
offered in private lessons, notice a significant improvement in the existing
complaints. Thanks to the straight posture, is also the personal charisma
made quite differently from other people come true, especially as it naturally
without pain, much less uptight over the place running.

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