Friday, October 16, 2009

The 10 best Vegetables and Fruits of summer

Although we can put you taste of global commerce every day, all sorts

of goods from every conceivable corner of the world in our shopping
cart, vegetables and fruits simply better when they have their season
pass and just days from harvest to consumption. The following 10 plant
products, you should set this summer in any case on their shopping list.

1. Arugula
This salad is a true classic and
has established itself as an
integral part of bistro salads.
Arugula is a great source of folic
acid, vitamin C and calcium.
Although the salad is rather mild
in flavor, slightly peppery taste of
larger leaves, sometimes they
are actually quite sharp. Consider
this when shopping. Arugula is
done best in a composition with olive salad, eggs, onions and salty cheese. The
typical taste of arugula is optimally placed with lemon juice or red wine heavy to

2. Avocados
Avocados have been regularly praised for their high content of unsaturated fatty
acids. They are also rich in potassium, folic acid and vitamins C and B6. In
addition, they contain notable amounts of thiamin, riboflavin, and magnesium.
The composition of these valuable ingredients make it an ideal complement for
avocados carrot salads, since they facilitate the absorption of carotene. When
you go shopping in the marketplace, make sure that the avocado has a smooth
and undamaged shell, yields slightly when gently pressed out.

3. Blueberries
Berries are low in calories and have little carbohydrate. Access therefore prefer
to blueberry (or bilberry), if you feel something sweet. Although they provide
little energy, they come along with a high content of antioxidants and provide
conducive Rifle irreplaceable help to fight free radicals that diseases such as
varicose veins, glaucoma, hemorrhoids, stomach ulcers and cancer. When
buying the fact that the berries have a dark color and are sold in a box in which
they are not crushed. Store in a cool, dry place. Wash the berries only if they are
to be immediately consumed. Since moisture encourages the fermentation
process in addition to the berries. Blueberries are a snack in between, but also
very good as a healthy complement in smoothies, protein drinks or salads.

4. Cucumbers
This refreshing representatives of the great pumpkin family provides our
organism not only with water and vitamin C, but also with silica, which in turn is
very important for our connective tissues and can greatly improve our skin's
appearance. Besides the known uses as an ingredient for salads and sandwiches,
they also can be made excellent soup boil.

5. Eggplant
Although most of the eggplant is known as a purple fruit that they exist in all
possible shades. Both all black, and with almost translucent white shell. Besides
the high amount of fiber also carry so-called phytonutrients in eggplant are
playing an important role in antioxidative processes. Although they look
outwardly intact, elderly eggplants have a bitter taste. In such a case, they can
salt the sliced fruit and water for 20 minutes to flush out the most bitter.
Eggplants make perfectly grilled foods or as a vegetarian as a basis for a healthy

6. Pepperoni
The hot peppers, not only ignite a roaring fire on your tongue, but also a real
firework in your immune system. Peppers have a heavy dose of capsaicin in
itself. A substance that can alleviate the symptom of an acute migraine and this
arthritis, inflammation, and, incredible but true, fights stomach. Peppers is also a
cancer-preventive and metabolic reputed stimulating effect. That they are also
rich in flavonoids and vitamin C should be mentioned here, although the
completeness sake, but falls, in principle, the consumption is not more
significant, since one of the hot peppers anyway can only take relatively small
doses. Anyway, as a spice and spicy element of a food additive are unbeatable
because of the hot peppers capsaicin.

7. Kohlrabi
This produces its form reminiscent of an oversized radish coal plant supplies our
body reliably with vitamin C and potassium. When you buy you should favor the
smaller specimens, as is often little more woodsy and slightly earthy taste.
Kohlrabi is in the kitchen a real all-experts alike. Roh, it fits excellent with salads
or as a relish mimics the perfect side dish. Cooked cabbage can be used readily
for casseroles. Hollowed out and stuffed with minced meat in the oven with
beans and low-fat cheese, he's even convinced Gem.semuffeln a reason to dig.

8. Mushrooms
Although in our area must be harvested almost year-round on mushrooms, it is
ripe in the summer, especially for chanterelles and porcini time. With an
extremely low sodium and fat, but rich in potassium, riboflavin and fiber,
mushrooms can spice up any dish in its nutritional balance belonging to pitch
without a significant amount of calories. Mushrooms keep longest when they are
wrapped in paper in the refrigerator. Cleaned with a damp cloth, they may like
kohlrabi, both raw and cooked, baked or even grilled served.

9. Shallots
Of all the representatives of the onion family, leeks and shallots are by far the
highest content of antioxidants. In addition, they also have an anti-bacterial,
anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic property. Therefore, they are also certified to
reduce the risk of various cancers (eg liver and colon cancer) to. If you want to
consider shallots in their daily diet, take it easy substitute onions.

10. Zucchini
Zucchini are real heavy-duty in terms of vitamins and minerals. In its cargo are
vitamin C, fiber, magnesium, vitamin A, potassium, folic acid, phosphoric acid,
omega-3 acids, protein and many B vitamins in abundance. Upgraded the
N.hrstoffwundert.te with a significant proportion of copper and manganese,
which are important for a healthy nervous system. Are you looking for when
shopping for zucchini that are similar in shape of a cucumber and have a smooth,
thick skin. You can choose between green and yellow varieties, which differ in
their nutritional values, but not essential. For an unforgettable pleasure, you can
cut the zucchini in half and drizzle with oil. Following are pleased to salt and
pepper and then put in the oven for 20-25 minutes at 150-180 degrees.

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