Thursday, October 15, 2009

Goodbye cellulite in three steps

The older you are, the more likely you are to develop a more or less
pronounced cellulite. One problem that many of the concerns of
Western women look in the mirror and think about the upcoming beach
vacation can be. Luckily, doctors, nutritionists and fitness trainers
have now develops a wide range of measures that can significantly
reduce the severity of cellulite.

Nevertheless, there are no so-called ultimate miracle solution. Cellulite is a
complex lesion, which demanded of the person concerned a lot of patience.
You need to grope, step by step along small intermediate to the really highly
visible improvements. If you get through, you will be very pleased, no doubt,
by the great changes and can wear again full of self-tight clothing.
The following three steps form the basis for this.

Step one: Lose Fat

There is a direct correlation between the amount of body fat and the severity of
their cellulite. Our skin gets its shape and resilience through a thin layer of tissue
that separates our fat cells from the outer epidermis. The more and the greater
our fat cells, the more they push a ladder this thin layer of tissue. These bumps
are ultimately leading to the skin surface to the orange peel. Moreover, can
settle in these depressions and waste products of metabolic processes. This can
occur in severe cases lead to Entz.ndugnen which could in turn enhance the
cellulite. A kaloriendreduzierte diet is therefore the first and most important step
in the fight against orange peel skin. However, it does not tilt to extreme
behavior. Even slim women with ideal body weight can develop cellulite. If you
are one of those ladies, and you should have to start a radical diet. You simply
better rethink their previous eating habits, you are there, where it is necessary
and makes sense.

Step Two: Are you exercising more

Regular training will help you not only the first step as much as possible to do, as
you burn more calories, but also streamlines your problem. If you tighten your
muscles, something that is streamlined and the dividing of tissue, thereby
reducing the dents in its depths. If the course design, it is important that you
combine cardio training with Kra.ftigungs.bungen and not just rely on a type of
training. A circuit training combined with a short and crisp interval training can
make in a few weeks for dramatic changes. The following sample workout is
intended to illustrate this approach:

1. Circular muscle: You Complete 5 rounds of 10 repeats:
# Squat
# Rumpfaufrichten
# Deadlift with gestrecken legs

2. Interval training on a treadmill
# 3 minutes slow pace
# 1 minutes Sprint
# 2 minutes at medium speed
# 1 minutes Sprint
# 2 minutes at medium speed
# 1 minutes Sprint
# 3 minutes slow pace

Step Three: Reduce the amount of alcohol and caffeine consumption

Alcohol and caffeine are toxic for your body dar. toxins that promote water
retention and can lead to collagen degradation and thus play into the hands of
cellulite exactly. The simple absence of these two substances can benefit from
making a significant difference to your skin.

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