Friday, October 16, 2009

Very healthy and very simple -self-made yogurt

As one of the favorite products of the yogurt is a power snack that can

not only varied in the kitchen to find his efforts, but for a healthy
increase in the daily diet of the whole family makes a valuable

Rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, and B vitamins, potassium and protein,
all this makes the milk product to an easily digestible and beneficial food. If we
make it yourself, then here come the advantages of freshness and also
adds the knowledge that you know exactly what's inside.

This really can make their own yogurt, you need as a basis for a liter of
pasteurized milk with a fat content of 3.5% fat. This should be heated in a
saucepan to just under 90 degrees and then cooled for about ten minutes. For
the first starter we need also a cup of yogurt with 150g whole milk yogurt from
the supermarket. This yogurt is stirred just below the milk, which should have at
this time a residual heat of around 45 degrees.

This mixture is filled then rinsed and dried in jars, which should be well sealed.
The maturity of the yoghurt starts as follows: The filled jars will be on a baking
sheet and cover it with a thick towel. You should have the oven preheated to
above 50 degrees. The temperature is reached, then one is out of the oven
and baking sheet inside. There, the yogurt jars should then ripe for eight hours,
which is offering the best overnight because you can therefore enjoy equal its
fresh yogurt for breakfast. In order for the bacterial culture can be spread
evenly, it is recommended that this aging period, the glasses do not move.

Thus, the yogurt can then get a certain strength, it should be stored in the
refrigerator. If you want to make new yoghurt then again, you take away from
the home-made 150g again and repeats the process. Especially delicious
is also in this yogurt granola with fresh fruit or with a dollop of jam
(for example, also self-made),
as well as the basis of a fine salad dressings or dips.

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