Thursday, October 15, 2009

The fight against cellulite with the right workout

Although cellulite is a skin disease that nine out of ten women aged over 30 have only a few stakeholders know the cause. And many women are unsure whether the unsightly orange peel skin once again be going on. For all those we have good news: you can reduce cellulite with an appropriate fitness program and a proper diet and feel much younger again a few years.

Cellulite occurs when the uppermost layer
of tissue that surrounds the fat cells
completely, is inflexible and rigid. The fat
cells then either sag or bulge out about
what makes the skin look lumpy and
curly. The problem increases when
feeding these women are relatively rich in
sodium. Extra-cellular water, sodium
stores, which can swell even more
cellulite. But this does not mean that you
should now radically restrict fluid intake.
Make sure only to the amount of sodium
that you take on the diet itself. Without
sodium water is stored in muscle cells, so you get a more streamlined look.
A high-fat diet can naturally also encourage cellulite.

One of the main causes of the so-called
orange skin is too little sport
The main cause of cellulite is a combination of too little sport and a too low
protein intake. Both lead to a weakening of the muscles and flabby skin.

A good muscle workout, that affected cellulite areas of the body such as
abdomen, hips, legs and buttocks specifically trained and a balanced diet that
provides about 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight are the key to
a firm and healthy looking skin.

The training program should ideally be constructed so that it initially designed to
provide maximum fat burning, and then focuses on the problem areas. Only
after that should the rest of the body are processed.

Sample Workout:

1. Part: 8-10 intervals on the treadmill for 60-90 seconds plus 60 seconds per
The first part of the workout boosts your metabolism permanently. In contrast to
the usual 30 minutes treadmill training in the so-called fat burning zone, interval
training is very intense, but ensures that you burn even more calories even
hours after exercise.

2. Part: Circuit training: as many reps as possible to 3-5 rounds of
-Plie Squat
-Good Mornings
-Hanging leg raises
In the second part of this workout, you can organize the training sequence as a
circle to continue to maximize the calories burned. The Circle aims mainly at the
lower and the typical cellulite zones.

In addition to adequate protein intake you should also pay attention despite the
current low carb trends in enough carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are stored as
glycogen in muscle cells with water. This not only your muscles recover more
quickly from the sports Belstung. They are also more tense and tighten the skin.
And from this streamlining, the unsightly cellulite lots are affected.

The procedure described is very effective if properly implemented and can lead
to highly visible improvements. Cellulite is a problem that can be energetically
tackle and fight and have suffered no shrugs.

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